2015 DC Shorts Film Festival

SEPTEMBER 10–20, 2015

The Best of the Sunderland Shorts Film Festival


Wednesday, September 16 @ 7:00pm
Landmark's E Street Cinema

Special Guest: Rebecca Burdon, SSFF Festival Manager This past year, DC Shorts facilitated the organization of the first short film festival in Sunderland, England — one of DC’s sister cities and the ancestral home of George Washington. Join us for a special evening featuring SSFF’s jury and audience award winning films.

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I’m In The Corner With The Bluebells

Drama • United Kingdom • 15 minutes

Half-siblings Julie and Ricardo meet for the first time and find an unwanted attraction.

Sunderland Shorts Film Fest: Winner, Best Drama


Animation • United States • 2 minutes

A moment is a short, unfixed length of time. Welcome to my life. Every. Single. Morning.

Sunderland Shorts Film Fest: Winner, Best Animation

Steven Caught a Star

Drama • Netherlands • 19 minutes

The only place nine year old Steven can escape from his home situation is in his imagination.

Sunderland Shorts Film Fest: Winner, Audience Award

Final Draft

Documentary • United Kingdom • 7 minutes

In 1973, with the threat of nuclear attack was ever-present, a secret UK government committee was tasked to write a script for a grim future.

Sunderland Shorts Film Fest: Winner, Special Jury Prize


Drama • United Kingdom • 7 minutes

We all travel together down the same path, but the journey is always different.

Sunderland Shorts Film Fest: Winner, Best Regional Film

After Eric: Part of That World

Comedy • United Kingdom • 14 minutes

After the wedding, what has become of Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”? Can she really be “Part of That World.”

Sunderland Shorts Film Fest: Winner, Best Comedy

Intrinsic Moral Evil

Experimental • Netherlands • 10 minutes

Three dancers interpret themes of identity and coming of age, while playing with perception and expectations.

Sunderland Shorts Film Fest: Winner, Best Art Film

Dinner’s Served

Drama • Lebanon • 13 minutes

An old Armenian couple, living on the memories of their lives where they used to work as stage actors, prepare a new-year’s eve dinner for their family to reunite.

Sunderland Shorts Film Fest: Winner, Best Foreign Film

The Reinvention of Normal

Documentary • United Kingdom • 8 minutes

Dominic Wilcox, an artist/inventor/designer, is on a quest to transform the mundane and ordinary into something surprising, wondrous and strangely thought provoking.

Sunderland Shorts Film Fest: Winner, Best Documentary

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