2015 DC Shorts Film Festival

SEPTEMBER 10–20, 2015

Showcase 12


Saturday, September 12, 7:30, E Street Cinema
Monday, September 14, 7:00, E Street Cinema
Thursday, September 17, 9:00, E Street Cinema

This showcase runs approximately 90 minutes and includes all of the films listed on the page. These films are appropriate for ages 15+.

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De Smet

Comedy • Belgium • 15 minutes

Three brothers’ relationship is tested when one falls in love with the new neighbor across the street.


Experimental • United States • 3 minutes

Bullied and belittled, a young girl overcomes her feelings of isolation.

Guest Room

Drama • United States • 13 minutes

The reality of Down Syndrome is shown through the story of a young woman’s unplanned pregnancy.


Comedy • United States • 7 minutes

Watercooler chatter might not be as pointless as it seems.

This is Joe

Documentary • Spain • 4 minutes

Joe Shuster, one of Superman’s character creator, worked as a delivery guy.

Citizen Day

Drama • France • 22 minutes

After missing Citizen Day training, a French teen encounters what is means to be a part of the national identity.

Warning Labels

Comedy • United States • 14 minutes

Two workers for the CDC meet for drinks, only to discover that love is the most hazardous substance of all.

Timmy II

Comedy • United States • 9 minutes

A robot with an identity crisis undergoes plastic surgery, only to discover that it makes his life even worse.

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