2015 DC Shorts Film Festival

SEPTEMBER 10–20, 2015

Showcase 1


Thursday, September 10, 7:00, E Street Cinema
Sunday, September 13, 12:00, E Street Cinema
Tuesday, September 15, 5:00, E Street Cinema

This showcase runs approximately 90 minutes and includes all of the films listed on the page. These films are appropriate for ages 15+.

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Drama • United Kingdom • 21 minutes

The friendship of two boys is tested as they battle for survival during the Kosovo war.

Street Meet

Comedy • Canada • 6 minutes

Addressing strangers with, “Isn’t it a beautiful day?” often leads to lasting relationships.

Tumble Dry Low

Drama • United States • 7 minutes

A little girl and her dad deal with grief and loss in East Texas.

Check, Please!

Comedy • Canada • 13 minutes

A spunky, single foodie seeks romantic company to dine with her.


Animation • United States • 3 minutes

A young boy chases his wayward kite to discover a magical place where kites fly free.

Treading Water

Drama • United States • 15 minutes

Called home to care for her aging father, a woman must balance her happiness and her sacrifice.

Hazel + Louis: Animal Agents

Comedy • United States • 9 minutes

In Hollywood, its all about who you know. That’s why all of the A-List animals know Hazel and Louis.

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