2015 DC Shorts Film Festival

SEPTEMBER 10–20, 2015

Lunch Comedy


Thursday, September 17, 12:00pm at E Street Cinema

Join DC Shorts for special 40-minute lunchtime shows — short enough to catch on your break. Bring your lunch and enjoy!

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De Smet

Comedy • Belgium • 15 minutes

Three brothers’ relationship is tested when one falls in love with the new neighbor across the street.

Yuri on the Phone

Comedy • Netherlands • 7 minutes

A female devotee of Yuri, the first Soviet cosmonaut, pours her heart out to him over the phone.


AnimationComedy • United States • 4 minutes

A supercharged look into the constant frustration that is driving in traffic.

The Fly

Comedy • United Kingdom • 7 minutes

While waiting for his accomplices, a getaway driver is tormented by a persistent fly.

Hazel + Louis: Animal Agents

Comedy • United States • 9 minutes

In Hollywood, its all about who you know. That’s why all of the A-List animals know Hazel and Louis.

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