2015 DC Shorts Film Festival

SEPTEMBER 10–20, 2015

LGBT Shorts


Thursday, September 17 @ 7:00pm
Landmark's E Street Cinema

The LGBT community is so important to the fabric of DC culture, so join us in celebrating our pride with a special collection of films highlighting the LGBT experience, or made by emerging LGBT filmmakers. Presented in partnership with Reel Affirmations.

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Drama • United Kingdom • 14 minutes

Convinced his dad is a spy, Luke embarks on a journey that leads him to discover the awkward truth.

Barrio Boy

Experimental • United States • 8 minutes

A Latino barber secretly falls in love with a handsome Irish stranger over the course of a haircut

The First Session

Comedy • United States • 7 minutes

Two women make a chance meeting in a therapsist office into one of the most interesting first dates ever.

A Last Farewell

Drama • Sweden • 13 minutes

A man comes to terms with the loss of his husband and the legacy they left behind

Stella Walsh

Documentary • United States • 15 minutes

The legacy of track star Stella Walsh, whose tragic murder led to questions about her ambiguous gender.

The Last Girl

Drama • Denmark • 14 minutes

A man chooses to live a life that manifests his true self — and realizes he will also suffer a great loss.

Election Night

Drama • United States • 12 minutes

Waiting for poll results on election night, a political family must deal with more pressing matters.

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