2015 DC Shorts Film Festival

SEPTEMBER 10–20, 2015


Hummingbird’s Wings

Experimental • United States • 2 minutes

This homage to the first motion pictures bridges live action, animation, documentary and poetry.


Drama • United States • 20 minutes

In 1975 Sao Paulo, a journalist turns himself in for questioning to the police — and is never heard from again.


United States

What seems like a normal elevator ride turns into something much more when Charlotte runs into her father whom she has not seen in ten years.

Over & Easy

United States

A young woman’s screwball quest to donate her eggs before her 30th birthday.

Gravel Heart

United States

A well-intentioned 14-year-old gets more than he bargained for when he confronts a violent neighbor.

Fireworks for a Funeral

United States

Two sisters run into trouble with airport security after finding an unorthodox way to memorialize their dead uncle.

Claus v. Hollywood

United States

Santa hates that he is portrayed as a buffoon in Hollywood movies, so he hires a reluctant Jewish attorney named Goldman to sue the major studios.


United States

A precocious 11-year-old abducts her mother’s uptight ex-boyfriend, to try to force him to become the parent she has always wanted.

I’m In The Corner With The Bluebells

Drama • United Kingdom • 15 minutes

Half-siblings Julie and Ricardo meet for the first time and find an unwanted attraction.

Sunderland Shorts Film Fest: Winner, Best Drama


Animation • United States • 2 minutes

A moment is a short, unfixed length of time. Welcome to my life. Every. Single. Morning.

Sunderland Shorts Film Fest: Winner, Best Animation

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