2015 DC Shorts Film Festival

SEPTEMBER 10–20, 2015


After Eric: Part of That World

Comedy • United Kingdom • 14 minutes

After the wedding, what has become of Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”? Can she really be “Part of That World.”

Sunderland Shorts Film Fest: Winner, Best Comedy

Switch Man

AnimationComedy • Taiwan • 2 minutes

Switch Man attempts to save his city from an evil praying mantis…if only his belt could work.


Comedy • United States • 16 minutes

After dying from a heart attack, an everyman tries to make sense of his hedonistic afterlife.

All You Do is Shag

Comedy • Spain • 6 minutes

A humorous look at relationships — and people who are never satisfied


Comedy • United States • 4 minutes

When a woman names former partners in her phone by sexual attributes, her current boyfriend is not pleased.

Her First Black Guy

Comedy • United States • 9 minutes

A handsome professional is concerned his blind date will be shallow.

Three Dalmatians

Comedy • Norway • 16 minutes

Three single women attempt to steal the attention of hot, new police officers who have recently come to town.

Little Brother

Comedy • Canada • 16 minutes

Antoine, a troubled teen, spends one last day goofing around with his wordly Big Brother.

Madam Black

Comedy • New Zealand • 11 minutes

After a photographer kills a pet cat, he creates a series of elaborate stories to cover it up.

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